Strength At Work: Fitness and Trainings, LLC. We’re not talking about doing push-ups at your desk or trying to do squats with the water cooler, although you’ll likely entertain your co-workers, if you attempt to do so. The meaning behind Strength At Work is to put your strength to work through the various fitness services we offer. Accordingly, each session focuses on your getting a high quality fitness experience, while observing and being encouraged by the results of your increasing strength – at work.


About the Owner

Certified Personal Trainer, CES*
CPR/AED Certified
First Aid Certified


Rod is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer who is also certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) as well as certified in CPR/AED and First Aid. He first got involved with fitness/working out at the age of 15 when he learned pretty quickly that playing high school football at 110 pounds vs. linemen who were 200+ pounds didn’t mix well. He stuck with it and ever since then, has grown to become a student of fitness, adopting a number of different training methods ranging from traditional weight training to body weight workouts to kickboxing to yoga in order to build an inventory of workout and training insights. He also increased his knowledge while attending and workings as a gym supervisor at the University of Maryland and while working at Spartan Race, Inc. In addition, he has a fair number of obstacle/mud races under his belt including Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, and Warrior Dashes.

However, like many of the people Rod trains and motivates, he also is a working professional and is very familiar with the challenges of balancing work with personal life, family and fitness. Yet, despite the schedule conflicts that a “9-5” may present, he has committed himself to fitness and training and truly enjoys helping others find and sustain their passion for it as well.

In addition to Rod being a certified personal trainer, he is also a certified Spartan SGX coach, through Spartan Race. As an SGX coach, he not only builds training plans specifically for tackling Spartan Races but also provides tips and insight on navigating many of the obstacles. He thoroughly enjoys tackling the challenges that Spartan Races are all about and enjoys helping others to get out of their comfort zones to do the same.

Work Out As Hard As You Work



It was because of his passion for fitness and understanding of the many commitments that have to be fulfilled during the week that Rod originally established Strength at Work: Fitness and Trainings, LLC (Formerly Weekend Warriors Trainings, LLC) in 2013. At its inception, the business focused exclusively on year-round outdoor small group sessions. These sessions sought to break up the traditional indoor workout with high energy, strength training and endurance based training sessions that looked to get people out of their indoor element and back in touch with fresh air, nature and trails. Strength At Work has since grown and now offers various fitness services during the week, all with the purpose of addressing some of the issues that can come with traditional big-box gyms. Issues including:

  • Feeling lost in the crowd
  • Not having a sense of direction with workouts
  • Negative previous personal/group training experiences
  • Wasted, long term membership costs/fees
  • Lack of “nature”/being outdoors

With its flexible and versatile structure, Strength At Work is able to account for these concerns, and others, and further develop a healthier and stronger you in a cost effective yet personalized manner.

Visit our services and pricing page for more details on our offerings.

Fitness, Trainings & More

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Another cornerstone of Strength at Work is changing things up every now and then and testing ourselves in other ways. From team obstacle races to runs/workouts in Central Park, NYC to cooking classes to 5k/10ks, we like to keep things interesting and challenging.

Check out our events page to see what we are getting into. You are always welcome to join us!